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Your home to grilling times for all cuts of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

Not sure how long to grill your food? Select a food category below to get the proper grilling time. Thanks to ¬©Weber, USDA, my father in-law (the “Grill Meister”) for much of the information on this site.

While I am not an expert by any definition of the word, I like to grill and often need a little help to do it right. All grilling times vary based on temperature as well as the grill configuration (i.e. gas, charcoal, rack level, etc.) The grilling times on this site are an approximation and should be used as a guideline. Foods properly cooked should reach the correct temperature, so a handy-dandy grill or kitchen thermometer is a must.

With that said, happy grilling and enjoy the site!

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